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April 24th, 2008

02:58 pm: Just in case you missed my last post I HAVE A NEW LJ:


April 22nd, 2008

02:33 pm: friends only journal
I have a new LJ. This one will be deleted at the end of the day. I will write a big post in my new journal so add me to read it.


March 31st, 2008

08:12 am: if you can read this let me know.


i am having massive lj problems.


March 20th, 2008

05:53 pm: Miki with a Heart! XOXOXO
This is for you starzupontharz!! It is on the sidewalk down the street from my apartment. Right in front of the thai place & psychic. =) YAY!

see you need to travel from washington to nyc & stand next to it ;)

sorry for the crappy cell phone quality. i took one with my slr but dont have a cord to upload them. i need to buy one=)

March 14th, 2008

10:27 am: help me find a zinester...
hi everyone!!
i just read Safety Pin Girl #22 and really wanna find the zinester that wrote it. she went by the name Jessica Disobedience. does anyone know her email addy or what zine she is making now???

i googled her and found a newish site but i thought if i posted this here she might be lurking and could respond =)

also, does anyone know how to get past issues of safety pin girl???? is it still around anywhere ??


I am putting an issue of Ax Wound together in two weeks. SEND SUbMISSIONS my loves!!! xoxoxo

i will make a more official post about this after i clean the kitchen ;)

also, will be talking with the beautiful & talented & amazing starzupontharz tonight about updating the website! xoxoxo

March 11th, 2008

10:34 am: The Devils Rejects
I am very much in the research phase of my film and I met for an hour last night with Isabel Pinedo. She helped me SOOO much develop the outline of the script I will follow.

For the sake of helping me with research can you please comment with what you thought of


I want to know:

did you enjoy it? If you did why?
did you hate it? why?
what do you think this film says about culture?
do you think its violent for violence sake or is it redeeming?
etc etc

you dont need to answer all these questions they are just a place to start the thought process. I just want to know yr thoughts about this movie specifically.

x posted to ax wound community.

March 9th, 2008

04:59 pm: Let's Talk Torture. BRAIN STORM TIME!!!!
So. many of you probably know I am working on a short documentary about this concept of "torture porn." I am looking at the way horror films have changed in american culture post 9/11.

I want to start a discussion with other horror fans on this subject just to hear what you all think. Do you believe that torture porn is even a real thing?

It seems to me that horror is all about creating fear that relates to our current cultural landscape. It provides a safe place for us to delve into our dark sides. I am still working out all my thoughts and developing my "thesis" but I am uncomfortable with calling current horror films TORTURE PORN. it seems false & over dramatic. Sure, there is a surge of torture and some films are so vapid (i.e. Captivity) that they don't even have a real plot. Its just the captive girl and her torturer. (even though the definition of torture is for the purpose of seeking information and who knows what information the men of Hostel want? They don't want anything. They want to experience being a "real man" and become filled with the essence of power and control).

IF you think about it back in the 70s Texas Chainsaw was considered a form of torture porn as well. It just seems that our fears are exploited in current horror of the times. Its just the way it has always been. It also bothers me that there are 10000000 of videos online of "Gonzo porn" that REALLY is TRUE torture porn. Girls who are drugged or convinced to be in real porno videos doing horrendous things with looks of true horror and pain on there face. Having there heads dumped in toilet bowls or being chocked with massive cocks till they puke. Oh the sexyness! SOmehow so many fucking women are raped & violated in our country and nobody does shit or cares. And yet a hollywood genre film that is always bloody and dark shows some horror images that reflect our times and people get offended. It seems backward. Attention should be at the source of the problem, not the art depicting it as a means of dealing with how we feel about it. Plus,if you want FUCKING REAL TORTURE PORN get the photos from Abu Graib and see the thumbs up the soldiers are giving while having naked detainees stacked in piles and being forced to do sexual acts with each other. Its like when the nazis recorded all there horrendous acts.

You know its like, Horror used to always have this element of fantasy. Freddy would "torture" in a sense but he was in our dreams. Michael Myers would stab with a knife but he also was fake in that you could blow him up a million times and he would always come back. That gave it this fairy tale aspect. Horror films today depict situations we could all really find ourselves in. So I guess all my jumble thoughts are just a mess of different opinions. I just feel like calling Hostel, Saw, etc "TORTURE PORN" is a little bit bizzare. Instead of taking about what those films are actually saying about our culture today. Our real world is TORTURE PORN. not the movies of make believe where the actors walk home with a nice check afterwards and magazine fame.

These are just random thoughts. Please please chim in with whatever comes to your mind! !!! i might not make any sense in my thoughts yet which is fine. Please feel free to disagree. i wanna hear from you all!

March 4th, 2008

05:09 pm: New Tattoo! still wrapped up....
I went out to go grocery shopping & decided to go in and check out the tattoo shop across the street from my apartment. Needless to say I left with this:

Its my wrists & says FINAL GRRRL

i love love love it. <3 <3 <3 <3

February 28th, 2008

01:24 pm: TORTURE PORN
I am currently taking a course on film & tv post 9/11 with isabel pinedo (as you probably know from past posts). I am excited to announce my project proposal was approved and so for the next two months I will be making my FIRST EVER documentary on the subject of horror films post 9/11. and all with the guidance of ms pinedo!!!!!

Normally I say i'm going do do a project and then you don't hear from me on that project for like three years. However this doc will be for a class that I paid a shit load for so I will in no way let this slip through the cracks.

I am writing this post in hopes that some of you would be interested in being interviewed for the project.

Sadly I cannot afford to travel for this project so your interview would have to be:

1). you video taping yourself answering questions and sending me the footage


2). you can make a audio file of you answering the questions and send it to me as an mp3.

If this is something you might be interested in please contact me:


I will be emailing people separately who i think might be ideal for this project. however i want as many voices as possible so if this is a subject you have feelings/thoughts/observations/etc please lemme know so i can try to include you!!

The end product will be the first ever AX WOUND PRODUCTION!!!

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